ALERT: UBC cancels student activity to Hong Kong for Winter Term 2

UBC has cancelled all student activity to Hong Kong for Winter Term 2. If you have a placement (event) organized through your department or faculty to travel to Hong Kong in Winter Term 2, please get in touch with your supervisor or advisor to make alternate arrangements.

International travel can be an important part of the university experience. UBC supports students to travel more safely through the Student Safety Abroad Program and Policy 69.

The Student Safety Abroad Policy (Policy 69):

  • Outlines UBC’s process for authorizing student travel abroad
  • Explains resources and supports offered to students preparing for travel 
  • Outlines the protocol for responding to emergencies
  • Defines the roles and responsibilities for students, faculty and staff related to supporting student travel abroad

In accordance with Policy 69 students traveling as part of a UBC activity are expected to:

  • Prepare for risks associated with travel destination
  • Use resources (including Online Pre-departure modules, insurance, international SOS)
  • Register your trip through the Safety Abroad Registry

Who’s covered under the Safety Abroad program?

While the Student Safety Abroad Program is under Go Global, the resources and support are available to all students travelling internationally. Key resources of the program include:

  • The Student Safety Abroad Registry
  • Online Pre-departure modules that helps students plan for a safe trip
  • In-person advising for students, faculty and staff planning international travel involving students
  • Emergency travel support through International SOS and UBC