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Are you travelling with students or know a student that is travelling for a university activity (conferences, practicum placements, research, etc.)? You can help by sharing information about UBC’s Student Safety Abroad requirements.

UBC’s Student Safety Abroad Policy outlines the responsibilities and procedures related to student travel to international destinations. All students travelling internationally are required to complete the Student Safety Abroad Registry and ensure they have emergency medical travel insurance.

In accordance with the policy faculty and staff are expected to inform students of expectations around the policy 

How can the Student Safety Abroad Advisor help you/faculty?

Trip planning – If you are planning to take students on an international trip, the Student Safety Abroad program can help with:

  • Information on how you can meet the requirements outlined in the student safety abroad policy
  • Advice and tools on how to plan for a safe trip
  • Facilitation of in-person student pre-departure covering UBC safety requirements, resources and risk planning
  • Staff access to the Student Safety Abroad Registry to verify your student group registers

Provides access to the registry, so that you can monitor compliance and completion. The Student Safety Abroad Registry is a central database that we use to track international student travel. We collect insurance and local contact information to help respond quickly and effectively to emergencies. The registry also includes our “student mobility agreement”, which outlines student and university responsibilities when engaging in international travel. Faculty and staff may request access to the registry to monitor student compliance.

Help faculty manage high-risk travel requests. If students have an interest in travelling to a region designated as high-risk by Global Affairs Canada, they are required to complete a safety planning record and seek additional approval from their faculty. Here is a sample safety planning record. Students access a blank planning record in the student safety abroad registry. The Student Safety Abroad Advisor helps by working with the student on completing the planning record and liaising with key faculty contacts during the approval process.

​Help during emergencies. If you are aware of a student travelling abroad that requires emergency assistance contact our office for assistance.

Safety & Risk Services -Field Work Safety

If you will be conducting field work off campus please review UBC’s Field Safety Program to learn more about the requirements and access tools to help plan a safe field work experience.